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Dr. Alfred Stengel, Philadelphia, in his paper on this
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journed passed a special appropriation bill which has been
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foreign exchanges mention with approval Oehler's suggestion
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sibility, he adds, of the combination of a circumscribed patch
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tneeting at which the paper or report is to be presented. This
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whom the tubes when affected were entirely exsected and the
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although nearly all cases of tuberculosis are accom-
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second a symposium on diseases of the kidney will be held.
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WiLUAM F. Maianb, M.D., to Miss Adelaide Peck, both of
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too heavy, and that they lacked endurance. Under the new patents
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the twelfth rib on the left, mesially to within 2.6 cm. (1 iDch)
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pendix immediately after the operation, without washing it,
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plecia, priapism, anesthesia, tympanites, paralysis of bladder. In-