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ing, a feeling of dryness and huskiness in the throat, frequent

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Petechise are spots caused by minute extravasations of blood, that is, they

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of their occurrence, the symptoms appeared to be favorable. Black vomit,

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J. Lewis Smith, M.D., Clin. Lee. on Dis. of Chil., Bellevue Hosp Med. Coll., X". Y.

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The duration of this stage is indefinite. It may end in five or six days.

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calls for circumspection. The bromide of potassium, given in large doses,

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nitrogen content thus agree in both the control and test rats,

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denotes deficiency of urea. Of course, the deficiency of urea is great in

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and prognosis. Syphilitic hemi})legia occurs at variable periods after the

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