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3Med. Zeit. v. Vereine f. Heilk. in Pr. 1838, Nr. 11.

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petent nor inclined to make these examinations himself,

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rather unusual activity and energy. But so dreadful had been his suffer-

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In the course of the year it has received Dr. Gerhard into its editorial

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nurse finds the quantity of the secretion gradually diminish, but it is still

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the cover-slips from the spleen showed large numbers of a badl-

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tions. The surface of the growth is frequently a bright-

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without, as yet, nodular formations. Under bright sun-

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very marked effect on fecundity, reducing it to almost nil

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During a cold the system is struggling to rid itself

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separates the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle from the sides of the larynx; for

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ings be diminished without her danger being increased by their use.?

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et Physiologise." He was the author of several reports of the surgical

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not disappear. It is apparent, not true atrophy. The

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been subject to what he termed a "great heat in his head." No vomit-

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the reports of Aruch, who studied the disease in dogs, and of

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any more than a man has to contaminate his neighbor's

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The furor for carbolic acid culminated in an earnest

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the surrounding tissues, and causing a tumour, which terminates in sup-

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the great outbreak of disease prophesied did not occur.

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understand the reactions of the body to various mor-

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Examination in the right hypochondriac region reveals the

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cination. 8. Vaccination in a pregnant woman does not pro-