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preceding is this book, by one of the talented editors of the British
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remain exposed to accidents which constitute his peculiar province.^
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tina. Her father, under whose observation she had been during the
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following course. About three o'clock in the afternoon, her nose began
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frequently witnessed in the Meath Hospital. In a man named Pierce,
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lar appropriateness in spite of the fact that the history of this remarkable woman has
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But there were other causes also ill operation in Cork, which promo-
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read, while the new name has only ten." If such names be ever intro-
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eight at a time, to the neck, for the purpose of relieving both the
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aside in the cold for the precipitation of the acid
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The Situation. — Never has there been a more eventful time in the
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Transactions of the Fifth and Sixth Annual Meetings of the Western
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Leaves •, and of each of thefe there are many varie-
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livery to Women in Travel -, and in a more efpecial
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The valedictory was delivered by Dr. N. D. Tirrell. Professor of
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formation was communicated to the public by the sanitary committee
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Plant, may well enough be called, "iumov % BamtjKur
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ously happened to her two other daughters, but at more ad-
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became convalescent ; but with the return of health, it was found that
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Brig. Gen. J. D. Griffith, M. C, Mo N. G. Rear Admiral P. M. Rixey, M. C, U. S. N.,
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eases mentioned as the effect of parasites. We are to remember
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History of Vaccination. — The Pall Mall Gazette states that the
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tion. He afterwards experienced but little inconvenience from his hands
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you have done your own thinking. He is a man of peace and good
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body. It was voted that the committee on a Homoeopathic Dispensa-
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" Despondency, gloomy mood, sad, melancholic mood, hypochondriac
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humanity. He bade them God-speed in their great elTorts, believing