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venient theory that it is merely lent — temporarily, as it were

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them.'ielves. lay the medical officers actions open to an uncharitable in-

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then grasp the cricoid cartilage between the finger and thumb, and thus

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(2) The Removal in Sequence of Eight Polypi from the Body of the Uterus

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Condition of Other Orgcms of the Body. — Tuberculosis is probably

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stood by first recalling what are the normal functions of different parts

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wonld be struck off the Begistei — I think he is hardly fair to

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to the right, horizontally around to the back; and then up between

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1 Publishecl inlabstraot, Bbitish Medical Journal, May 27th, p. 1142.

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is expectorated, with all its dreadful fetor. As we have remarked

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Atrophy of the mucous membrane of the stcHnach has its chief

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in the act of swallowing. In these cases the arm is usually more para-

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have long suspected diabetes as largely a muscle disease, and, through-

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sleep or picking of the nose and grinding of the teeth. Parents are

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anywhere in the body, from the jaw downward, and a remarkable fea-

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over, it has been shown by experiments on dogs that, if the pancreas

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Dr. Geo. Ferguson, of the Bronx Borough of New York, in a child

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by Messrs. Percival and Co., King Street, Covent Garden.

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thtil of tho hu«\x-\u Khiv^. In adult cretins it is usually absent on the

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Barker, Professor Macewen, Hume. Damar Harrisson, Ward

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" Furthermore, if it be necessary for the safety of any community that

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sample of laudanum, which, being a preparation containing opium, came

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and increased specific gravity, no matter from what causes, a physician

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"In adult cretins the genital organs remain those of a child. There

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tubes of glycerinated lymph of equal age a series of plate

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become very tender, both to pressure and to movement, and thus

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knowledge of the different varieties of mosquitoes. The general

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addition to the causes enimierated, the bladder is sometimes invaded

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did not know that he was seriously ill. The diagnosis of leukemia.

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Similar disorganization occurs in the peripheral nerves, leading to the

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invested in perffctly safe securities. The care with which the