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following day another opening was made near the chin. His

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information address Dr. J. W. Squires, Charlotte Sanatorium-

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a boy aged 10, who had been confined to bed for a fortnight because of

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It is not clear in what manner the histonuria is produced; so much,

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applied instantly and without any apparatus. In the third

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or less fever and vomiting are evident; skin eruptions, followed by

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cuations, but neither the pain or purging continued. No change

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find that, despite pains of a second stage character, little, if any, pro-

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whom she had gone, after having given up the treat-

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that recommended by Fuller, may be wrapped about the joint with benefit.

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The oldest views ascribed the disease to certain brain conditions :

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and perhaps the majority of those who have passed the

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lymphatic glands in that region. My experience shows me, too,

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but is also arterial. There is no pathognomonic sign of ence-

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lipoma; the most interesting feature connected with it being its enor-

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which I entirely coincide. They never operated before the fifth or sixth day,

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Paulus Aegineta. — Paulus Aegineta' was born in the

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same law of the system, by which it may be gradually made to bear without

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inquiry into the early history of the case, the detec-

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No. 3, p. 225) relates that vagus stimulation can induce erosion of the

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lung was airless except at the apex. There was no tubeirle. The sixth, seventh,

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Alkaloids are usually very insoluble in water, but combine with

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Vaughn, G. T., Assistant Surgeon General — Deuiled to represent the service at the meeting of

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interest is the few exceptions as shown by table 2 among the homolo-

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much at the outset, in different cases. Different cases also differ much as

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part of the mother). The terribly severe character of a number of the

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We judge a urethra is strictured simply because the tube will not

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as rheumatic fever. She lay prone for nine months owing to an abscess

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of his laryngological career, might find it very difficult to establish his

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great in comparison with the injury that he inflicts. Moreover, the

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of a pustular eruption and erysipelatous patches on the skin ;

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and hypertrophy was therefore 1 to 4. The rectal findings in carcinoma

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these bonds but also to widening the scope of the University's

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Case 4— A white man, thirty-seven years of age, reg-

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positive element at the negative pole. That such polar relations

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HMOs’ rush to cut costs without calculating the impact

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and arteria innominata arose from the aorta by a short