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ily arrested by natural processes. Gunshot wounds, even of the internal

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prostration or bronchial complication ; then they may sometimes be used

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Scirrhus of the stomach first appears as a small, grayish-white, opaque

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tion. In the expectoration, which is usually increased by coughing, frag-

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the disease has developed within twenty-four hours. But the question

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tritis a thick layer of tough, viscid mucus will be found spread over its

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or irritating medicines, or by exposure to wet or cold. Extensive burns

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ful clinical observation has established the fact beyond a doubt that there

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symptoms subsides, and the patient experiences a sensation of oppression

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ment, ankylosis is the rule. Ankylosis rarely, if ever, follows osteo-

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by a loss of consciousness, the consolidation is usually at the apex.

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was diagnosticated^ the murmur was audible at the left of the sternum, was

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toria) is to be given in one-third drachm doses every three hours. Carbolic

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where it has been detached from the soft tissues and from the shaft

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tubes and give rise to bronchitis. One of the most important duties of the

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the severity varies in proportion to the extent that the submucous areolar

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the closed cavities of the body or into connective tissue spaces. They

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is attended by a subsidence of the febrile symptoms, the patient no longer

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A systolic murmur generally accompanies dilatation ; many authorities re^

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less force in the stream, denotes atony of the bladder, enlarged pros-

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oedema and congestion, lobular collapse, lobular emphysema, bronchial

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formation of fibrous tissue, or because of osseous deposits, which bind

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be turned to the condition in connection with which it occurs, and tbo

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out. It has been regarded by some as part of a " senile " change.'

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starting-point ; some state that it begins in the subserous, others in the

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Differential Diagnosis. — Ulcerative stomatitis may be mistaken for " can-

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B. Manipulative measures to increase the blood supply to the parts

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which interfere with the pulmonary circulation, and are followed by dilata-

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pear within twenty-four hours after the development of the first symptom

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patient be treated, except, perhaps, for a few days, to combat the swell-

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lowablo in this disease any more than in typhoid fever or di})htheria. The

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largely in the blood and that the resisting power of the blood is due

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above its normal position ; while in hjrpertrophy the apex-beat is distinct

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dorsal vertebra?, near their spines, and frequently extends downward along

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been studied present the eyidences of having been the seat of an intense

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collapse, stimulants, ammonia and brandy should be administered.

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communicating with the gall-bladder. A duodenal ulcer may perforate

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Yet incision is safer than asjDiration ; after an opening is made the finger

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at once. After spreading gangrene has set in he may amputate higher