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envelops the heart, on the other hand, is always of a pale yellow
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and the distribution without anastomosis is similar to that of man.
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source, provided care is used in washing the substrate and too large
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not only delays the beginning of the desired digitalis action, but also
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black in color. The backs of the hands were also roughened. A discharging
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ruption be permanent, the tissue was cut. Clamping, on the other
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there were fifty-three, or 10.4 per cent., in colored persons, whereas,
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substance happens in some way to enter into the circulation of the
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ministration of digitalis or digitalin may positively increase the
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thyroid ingested. Falta, Bolaffio, and Tedesco 26 after parathyroidec-
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position of relative equilibrium may be reached so quickly that inter-
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some age between infancy and puberty. In these the symptoms are
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the Breton departments stand worst in regard to mortality, but best
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directions. When an aneurysmal tumor causes pressure uj>on the
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will have pneumonia as compared with a German male of the same age
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of 142 per 10,000, whereas the remainder of the city population, living
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The distribution, according to sex and age at onset of the initial
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the average dose being 428 mg. per kilogram. It is evident that this
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Tachycardia (ja/u?, quick, xapdta, heart), more properly polycardia
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sometimes disclose t} r pical insufficiency of the aortic valves.
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ing to another: in biological subjects all editors desire to place their
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during pregnancy 63 times, temporarily 46, permanently 59 times.
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others have recorded cases of phlebitis with thrombosis occurring from
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As to the time of the appearance of the secondary changes, espe-
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The failure to correlate the amounts of demonstrable fat emboli in
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by angina pectoris. The lighter wines, beer in whatever quantity,
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' The Quantities given arc daily averages in grams.
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be enjoined, and any attempt at exercise by gymnastics, with the
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myocardium, kidneys, suprarenals, liver and testis. All sections of the lung
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Fig. 10. — Scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap); Experiment 88a, late pregnancy;
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electrocardiograms obtained at various times from the same individual.
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the filtrate was not determined. By following the method here out-
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observer described the disease independently, but the evidence that
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the pathologist that the naturalist or morphologist does to the physi-
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the immediate cause of the attacks of lymphangitis ; and, moreover,
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represent an uncontrolled source of error in many of these experiments.
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cated. On the other hand, practically all of the flour used is fine
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between adding hemophilic and normal platelets is clearly demon-
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TABLE 8. — Subsequent History up to 1914 of the 184 Pellagrins Who
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per cent, occurred ; as the result of all the tincture experiments, an
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The protocol outlined in Table 4 gives diagrammatically a fair idea
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" biliousness" the disturbance in the circulation of the liver. Pain in
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The change which is brought about by the treatment in the condi-