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utes before they occur. They commence with a choking sensation with
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vers. The hounds comprise the greyhound which hunts by sight the blood
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gaged me for her confinement. On my arrival I found
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Not all the remedies which are proprietary have been ex
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toneal cavity a few hours after the operation. It appeared that
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ness of the throat and there were no nasal s Tnptoms. A
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cheotomy is dangerous absolutely speaking but that it may be so when the
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puration and phlegmon or with pneumonia pleurisy or perito
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Dr. Blackburn of Ky. moved that a Committee of three be
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As this affection is usually less disfiguring in its prog
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with the irregular appetites we can never perceive their ef
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which is peculiar to the tuberculous individual which he
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cessively sensitive tympanites hysterica. Such cases have been mis
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pages has shown him how much there is in them of others
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or five weeks even though the phthalein excretion may
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vigorous enough to induce reaction. The pain is doubt
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lined on their free edges and throughout their extent
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to the term as denoting a separate and distinct type of fever
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Local Government Board did not extend to the pollution of rivers
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bill will be called up for passage. This bill strikes right at the
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upper lobe near the hilum is a distinct area of consolidation
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The electrocardiograms of the patient here reported obtained after
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can not imagine how he could have edited the Epitome which re
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habit. Constipation in both sexes is a common occurrence
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by percussion and the a ray secondary insufficiency of
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stain or soil the fingers that it does not show a coloration
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to produce roars of laughter. As it was the first scene of the
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adenoid pharyngitis so often seen in mouth breathers that this
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symptoms of extreme cardiac insuflSciency arise dyspnoea while at rest