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read a paper on this subject. The larger part of his communication consisted of

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best. If a nick or superficial puncture, it must not be

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and rapid and extreme collapse of the whole body, due to the shock. A cuta-

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suddenly, the ushering-in symptom being sometimes a chill, thou^ HMRV

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vious weeks. In the four Small-pox Hospitals at Hamp-

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without internal treatment, the joints were restored, and

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out from under this maxim’s usefulness in today’s

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of the child are directed in such a manner as to prevent any

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death in 34*37 deliveries, which sunk occasionally to 3, or to

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It will thus be seen that I have collected, including

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O^^'MlrtOiOOCOCO'Ti'^.-iCOOi — if5^iri-^OCi?COOOCO»-<J'l

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attack of scarlet fever, retain their power of infection for a long period,

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sometimes not till after several hours, but generally within the twenty-four

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atic realization of both these will soon come within the

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of explaining why it should visit one country or one district in preference

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at the upper part especially ; and there may be a noteworthy amount

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bold. The clot that plugs the artery, and is formed behind

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among the cases of so-called croup analyzed by Ware, in not one did the

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pectoralis region. Sterilization consists of washing of

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aroused by the publicity which has been given to some of

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used with much success in certain iron foundries and sugar works,

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predisposition to disease is fearfully increased. We are persuaded

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ended Satm-day, January 1, 1910, were equal to an annual rate

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struggle toward the unknown goal, to which it is pro-

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Using antigen (A) three rabbits were given 6 injections, the total quantity of

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and in defiance of all physiological explanations, a fatty heart is some-

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President, A. P. Voight; Secretary, H. F. Ohswaldt; Treasurer, J. C. Grant.

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strated by the hearty response on the part of physi-

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a solution which Naegele did not foresee when he described