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common. The act of nursing may prove a source of infection from nurse

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Protracted atelectasis in the foetus may interfere with the closure of the

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disease lasts from one to six weeks, and in cases of moderate severity at

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but is usually composed of very minute papules, arranged in irregular,

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reaches a state of profound collapse, does anjrthing remun to be

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In most cases the loss of coordination is shown by excessive swaying

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from haematemesis, since it is associated rather with coughing than with

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of sloughing or other severe local symptom. Nevertheless, when epilep-

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tion of the tubercles in the lungs the condition becomes one of acute

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nizing the presence of a profound gouty condition, whilst the treatment

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hysterical, in which consciousness is disturbed ; and the tetanic, or spinal,

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of the heart. The most common symptom of congenital heart disease

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water having a temperature of about 75 F., and then in a dry woollen

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of the rib, so as to avoid the intercostal artery. The fluid should be

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as a further good the possibility of obtaining exercise in exactly the

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should be applied successively to the motor points of the muscles, so

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Neuralgia of the Bladder, Irritable Bladder Cystitis 1041

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seldom urgent, the bath should be used not only cautiously but also with

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twelve millimetres : it is provided with two suckers. This fluke is very

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night in his period of delirium. A complete insomnia rapidly develops,

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cal human medicine the affair is entirely different, because there can be

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reported a case of unilateral renal haemophilia in a female, diagnosticated

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malarial poisoning, a paralytic attack representing an ordinary malarial

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prepared, and that whenever a dose is taken out an equivalent amount

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rise of temperature ; in the average case the fever ranges from about

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mild disease, with power to get well in about a fortnight by the sim-

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maxilla projected upward and to the left ; molars on that side touch-

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Herpetic, bullous, or eczematous irritations appear, but more charac-

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nized that the children of tuberculous parents are in especial danger of

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bone-marrow. The predominant localization of the tubercles, as far as

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the lumbar region, or from the inguinal canal, the thigh, or the hip.

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feeble ; not rarely it is intermittent, sometimes as high as 170 a minute.

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Scotomata may occupy any part of the visual field, and be due to

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rials swallowed, either unaltered in appearance or mixed with bloody

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delirious excitement, venesection may be resorted to if the patient's