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through his scientific work a beauty so transcendent that he

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much improved, August 19 from all external appearance child is

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that the Massachusetts Board was the pioneer in this matter of

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help which a well-conducted sanatorium renders the public is more

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Dr. Emma H. Fay, B. U. S. M., class of 1909, has been appointed

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ment is made from moment to moment, that we make to main-

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also that we determine by the one by-law how all our elections of officers shall be conducted.

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flows," who can speak gently, and keep on hand an unfailing sup-

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bers would have a better menbd training at the outset, then they would be able to grasp

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whose fractured surfaces is frequently prevented by obstacles re-

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grounds of the Harvard Medical School has now nearly reached completion.

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annual commencement last month, honored Dr. James C. Wood of Cleveland,

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writers actually enunciate this as a law. In summing- up the ap-

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experience with primary or pernicious anaemia is much more

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chapters upon Materia Medica arranged in a manner suggestive of that of

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to be sterilized, and thus prevented from giving life to children

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itestimonials that he went to get the medicine, probably two or three months, and that the

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passed by the Executive Committee of the Medical School on Dr. Suther-

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Tremont Temple, Boston. Here for one week were exhibited the

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sion today as a whole is more united on the belief of the efficiency

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My friend. Dr. Thorburn, claims that he was one of the originators of the Medical Council,

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vince a number of unscrupulous misstatements regarding this Medical Council and its mode

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been transgressing, and who has expressed his sincere regret ; and I think, under the

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determine. It is almost inconceivable that a woman should allow

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entirely disappeared from the wound, and under gas anesthesia

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to cost $140,000, will contain laboratories of anatomy, physiology, bacteriology,

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individual, and in-so-far as we accept this larger responsibility shall

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mentioned in speaking of the acute variety, except that the causes

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if they are vaccinated. The constitutional disturbances being

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The Homoeopathic Medical Society of New York is planning for an un-