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that ability of " self-control," by which is here designated the ability to
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January 1895. — 14. Idem. Mental Faculty, with Bibliography. Cambridge University
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ment in most cases of the neighbouring cutis, which may entirely obscure
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and alopecia areata. Adults who have been attending to children with
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affected. The nose is broad, the cheeks full and flabby, the mouth large,
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When, by immediate self-indulgence, a man forfeits a future benefit,
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Nicholls. Montreal Med. Joum. Aug. 1896. — 84. Ohmann-Dumesnil. J. Cut. and
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Treatment. — Capillary naevus, — This affection may be satisfactorily
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gested and painful ; and there may be distinct febrile reaction. Papules,
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inclined to the right, so that the left ear is approximated to the left
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In a case recorded by Max Joseph the horny growths fell off while
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treatment. There are two main forms — the seborrheic, often connected
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6. Materials. Venipuncture equipment, three Wasserman