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first. By July 16 the redness and pain had almost gone."
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Augustus Bozzi Granville, M.D. F.R.S. & L.S. Physician
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easy in most cases. The possibility of hypernephroma must not be forgotten
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from six to eighteen months. Some of the supposed recoveries, if carefully
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that each is forty years of age, is insured for $1 100, and remains insured until
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anmioniacal and the mucopus thick and ropy, with phosphate and oxalate
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influenza, pneumonia, cholera, and syphilis, have all been considered, and
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tuberculosis of the bladder can infect the ureter and subsequently the renal
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after her second delivery 1 was again called to her,
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Ureteral Catheterization. — Unquestionably the most valuable advance
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She vonuted, complained of headache, and had a pain along the outer