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from the turning over of the lake due to strong westerly winds,
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sideration of the anatomy of the venous system of the leg is
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advisable, being prepared, however, to do immediate delivery,
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with that melancholy strain and tuned to the key that "Life
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containing 0.15 gm. {2 l / 2 grains) and 0.3 gm. (5 grains) iodo-casein. H.
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The animal made a prompt recover}'. Pulse and thrill in
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The bones of prehistoric man show the disease which
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Franklin H. Martin, and seconded by John B. Murphy. These resolutions
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in some districts the percentage is as high as 90. Correction of defects
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shall we believe? And in the meantime, what is the poor Cleve-
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condition of absence of moisture has preserved the skeletons
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Norman Bridge, A. M., M. D. Cloth, 350 pages. The Year Book Pub-
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therapy; they were not significantly different with
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essentially the same pathological identity, Mott's belief in this
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and while they cannot claim that resolution of the bronchopneumonia
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of the community if snakes should escape. It is also cruel
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stage or histologic cell type. Total B lymphocyte, EAC-
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ek-i." "*"•«»««» "f »•» the trouble of ««nn founing in the
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1909 1910 and 1911. To emphasize the regular secondary rises in all
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blage which sways the village interests, so long as its members
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of the bill itself or that the hidden power behind such arguments
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Theodore Diller, in closing the discussion, said that he recognized the
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insane under care owed their insanity to alcohol as the de-
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ing to Parsons, in one hundred and sixteen cases, seventy-four
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usually less difficult, the nervous factor less prominent and the
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33. DeForest, H. P.— Post. Grad.. 1907, XXII. 374.
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''Patent Medicine Courage. — After the prolonged and active
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body and urine culture showed negative findings. Surgical
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«ie «,«,p,nyi„g pUn ,how» how the . M seats for' , i^
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3. There is no disease which has a greater variety of
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grower uanaUy finds it more «v,„~l-'T' "''"' *''' conunereial
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ious acute infections, especially measles and chicken-pox, which may be
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into a hospital, now cheerfully care for him at home. Thus
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organic heart disease. The patient died on November 3, the duration of
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of Medicines of Asaph the Physician . 1 This is the
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domen, legs curved and held apart. Knees slightly bent,
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than one-half were insane and feebleminded, many of them
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at Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, (1889-1893) had 36 cases.
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atory, discussed editorially in our March issue, from which it was
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ing, held Thursday, January 31, the program was as follows : 1, Phenol-
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the evidence before them. We are merely making a proposal to
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of the last century. Far from being superficial it was long, rich