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storehouse, every page of which is interesting and Catalogue,
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until, in the spontaneous changes which the system undergoes in tktl
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is peculiar, with some bitterness and astringency in decoction. Water
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large indigenous tree, growing abundantly in the Middle and Western
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^^y* hy giving two of the pills every six or eight hours, or one at half
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salt on the surface of the body ; while, from the same cause, there is
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3. As A SiTpKRSEDENT. What has been Btatod above explains tlie
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vous disorder, so apt to ensue upon a material diminution of the stimu-
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fast or first meal, being required by the system to make up
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dreamt. It has been a century of real progress — a
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action shoyld be pivferred, m heat, the ammoniacal preparations, and^
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diseased heart, active congestion or acute inflammation of the lungs,
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PhthigiB, The principles upon which cod-liver oil is given in this com-
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either by suspending respiration, or by the vast secondary prostration
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■mat of coarse hare insulated handles, and their knobbed fnee extit^n^-
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that of nux vomica. Either of these may be given in pill if deemed
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boning in the ears, oppression of chesty loss of sleep, and phenomena
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ing, the larger fhe quantity of the opium taken, especially in a liquid
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one made by inspissating the expressed juice of the fresh leaves, the other
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repeating the operation at each return^ the disease appearcit to yield
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(i) In this number are comprehended also portions of sugar and extractive matter which were not separated from the gum.
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must be in equilibrium with respect to Caloric ; but the tem-
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has been recorded by Dr, Pereira, which shows that the use of it is not
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the heels and the calves of the legs, the base of support is
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periodic in iniermittenta ; but in the former it is much inferior to the port
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montbly period, when it conies in aid of the tondonoies of the system.
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80 as to arrest the irritant influence of the cause, while it carries off
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sively of the principles soluble in water. Opium contains ingredients in-
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into the following branches : — Qvnahoyix, 'tymn, n»6oX6yict,
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duced by its rapid volatilization, which has recently been applied to
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condition most depend upon a removal of its causes, and the employment
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Sponging is a term sufficiently expressive without definition. It may
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twelve hours. If the patient survive the twelfth hour, he usually