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examination the heart is often found closely contracted, but it has been
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dren, girls of 4 and 7 years, who sutt'ered with persistent fever
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Commencement exercises of the Massillon State Hospital
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In England, especially in London, it is easy to obtain any
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the ability and the moral courage to carry out the physician's every
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to other men. In front, he is her herald, by whom she
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He believed that inability to name objects, either seen
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the operation. These applications are sometimes alter-
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the engorged cerebral vessels, it should be given in large and
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((•) True para-siti^'im, \\cu the as.socialioii results in a benefit to the
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than a cubit in length, although they are commonly fhorter;
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and alarming symptoms ensuing. The case is remarkable from the
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Flexor digitorum sublimis [flexing the second phalanx] (median).
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the cervical canal, radiating outwards from the os externum. This, how-
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amount of special attention by surgical writers which I consider it
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the urine is acid (adding acetic acid to an alkaline urine, if necessary).
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cleansed. Of couise, such an instrument is capable of
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giving plenty of room for the usual operative procedure. In
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American Pediatric Society. — The list of officers elected
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Freeland Barbour, Vice-President ; Dr F. D. Boyd, Dr George I^L
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large haemorrhages of the thalamic region encroaching backwards down
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altered, and in each instance its saccharine quality was aggravated.
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recumbent in bed. Practically the apphance had been found
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this subject. I am emboldened to hope for an excuse of this li-
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and the recurrence of the indigestions and spasms would serve to
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of scopolamine. In properly selected cases and with
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tion of the cancerous uterus through the vagina might be
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are due to an essential, predominant action of the drug exercised on the
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liondouj headed by its President^ Sir Rictf a&d Douglas Powell^
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