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entirely occupied by myeloid tissue. A similar fact can be observed if blood-

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believes that the positions taken up and the connexions formed by the

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than non-radiated albumins, it was thought that this might apply to the

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James, S. P. Malaria at Home and Abroad. John Bale, Sons & Danielsson,

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twenty strains agreed with those believed to be specific for scarlet fever,

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sounds according to Salomon can be made as follows : Propagated sounds

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coincidence of lethargic encephalitis with outbreaks of influenza ever since

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The Excretion of Urobilin in Animals. No satisfactory esti-

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and overflows as after division of the pelvic nerves. After a variable

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clinical standpoint and the anatomical factors associated with their occur-

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0° C. for 5 minutes only, before warming at 37° C. for 1 hour, the amount

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Stephan's clinical results is given, and the author then states that in the

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into the syringe and allowed to flow slowly into the subarachnoid

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use will hasten the time when typhoid fever will become a negli-

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Dyspnea was a little less frequent among the living; early anginal

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eruption of secondary tumors into that cavity. The rapid appear-

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Aufrecht also describes two cases in which mitral insufficiency followed acute

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this one also cannot be definitely excluded. Somewhat similar to

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may state that there has only quite recently been any pain, following

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extended and adducted, the feet plantarflexed. The arms were similarly

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without headache, also drowsiness and insomnia. Apoplectic

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administration of the drug and after intravenous injection?

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amounts of feces it can be recovered completely (97 to 100 per

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bladder. J. Exper. 3L, 1921, 34, 47-73, 95. {Brit. 31. J., 1921, ii, 214.)

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periods of life as regards mental disease, Mott believes to be adolescence and

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the stricture is so narrow or other mechanical conditions so peculiar

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An emulsion is made of the almonds, sugar, and water, and the gum

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without snj)purati()n niid liavc noted that tluTc was no liyi)(T|)lnsia

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encephalitis of toxi -infectious origin, and that they are not characteristic

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mat. unam'8 va. q. q. hora. Repeat friction : wine gvj. 12th.

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the type of disease which is the subject of this paper. These cases

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water of the various radioactive bodies, especially those — radium, thorium X,

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pricking, the hemispheres of the brain being insensible to

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parturition. In two cases the labour was normal, in the third prolonged.