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Of all local applications in Dr. B. Brown's experience, iodoform, prepared

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artery, previous diaease of the boDe, and coDcomitant lazation. Bleeding from

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the time of entering the river, until the time of leaving, a period of

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It appears from Table III that, on the whole, the probability of

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ble for years. He commenced taking brandy freely, and at first it ap-

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nation of these lines indicates that they coincide with the boundaries

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administration, and (2) its effect and the possibility of enormous doses in

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which is supported by the occasional presence of fever and

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stock is recorded in the public records or not, unless so de-

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subject, in which, in a series of clean cut experiments, he shows

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During the acute stage^ bathing must be regulated according

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These risks, fortunately for us, no longer hang over

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in reference to its veterinary institutions. The Royal Veterinary

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you have both physical and surgical. Charpie is a finely prepared lint

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sation of the cornea was absent. This at once suggested atrophic

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volume of transactions exceedingly creditable. With the hope that the Asso-

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off entirely for fome months, until the ftrength is

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the bowels. And it is to be borne in mind that stricture of the

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This follicle is lined by a continuation of the epidermis (scarfskin),

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They are employed in gleet and leucorrhoea, but frequently

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peritoneal cavity is drained of the products of in-

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the finest Cod Liver Oil in the world, and can be pre-

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the Proprietary or Patent Medicine Act. These Acts deal with matters

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of its features. It is a good book for the many uses it is designed

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fiesta xviii. grains, mixed and divided into six powders, of which give one

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Since these first publications the number of cases of suspected or estab-

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who by habit are always late in everything they do and

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respond to any dosage level, the average optimum dosage range

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relieve volunteer organizations in the home camps of

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262 per 1000, whi\e during the succeeding ten years it had fallen

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did not think she now should deviate from her old customs. All

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good genes and good luck. At least 30 or 40 years of con-

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No other work in the English language attempts the elucidation of the sub-

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appears that the mortality in Bengal from phthisis is almost

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should be held upright by an assistant, sitting in a

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on June 28th, 1866. About twenty-four ' the catheter, and tied them with one silk

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