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Simons, M. H., medical inspector, promoted to medical inspector.

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G-ad's Hydraulic Cement. Powdered clay 3 lb, oxide of iron 1


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nony, which wo deem of sufficient importance to republish without

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In the majority of cases it is all that is required to effect a complete cure.

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fomites is poorly supported. Because it is widely held to be true does

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the state capital, in longitude 81° West and latitude 34° North.^ The

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as " Evacuation Ambulance Company No. i , 3rd Fiekl Army."

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1207. See, also, infra, Van Benedeu.— Scifert. Ueber

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Sobriety will be deemed proved, unless there is other evidence to the contrary, if a sample

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subject supports the supposition by authentic cases. One of the

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of the previously coagulated exudate, often shows tubercle bacilli. In a dubious

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than any swelling 1 had ever felt, even in case of inflanunatlon of the

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the pressui'e (and during a fortnight of this time he had used

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zinc, and warm water and mustard, but unsuccessfully; and, as the stupor

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ing to the base of the bladder (interior galvano-caus-

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three, or four unfavourable circumstances existed, and yet the patients died;

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States Public Health Service attached to the hospital or quarantine station,

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pericardium. Furthermore, attention should be paid to secure the

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" The proportions are a quarter pound of oatmeal to two

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tially of an intranuclear network of fibres and a nuclear juice.

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height of six feet on to his knees, but apart from cut hands he

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and tuberculosis were present in one, one was preceded by enteric

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neath tlie calculus, or that a noose of wire engage it ;

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The new hospital in Hopewell which is to be conducted

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specially apt to stand in relief — the diseases, namely, which in respect

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Vesalius every time I speak of the bones he has so admirably

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here again it is noteworthy that the capillaries and nerve endings

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Canadian Practitioner and Review. All this shows what a marvelous thing

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■whole, the sensation is not unpleasant, but the inhalation of

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Interrupted dressing with woode-n laths for resection of the knee-joint.

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finest manicure." The preparation is put up in a small I

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The following resolution is therefore respectfully submitted for your

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period, and at the present told me she had not had a sign of

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morning of February IGth, 1803, at 11 a.m., with croupal