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TnE Military Secretary, India Office, presents his compliments
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fissure of the anus, rectum, etc. In urological ojier-
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eye, this duct, which is about three-fourths of an inch in length,
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intestine in several places. The main obstructing mass was finally
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chorrhea (chronic bronchitis with abundant secretion) , in bronchiectasis,
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Rogers insists upon the importance of taking the temperature every
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to the trade name, as published in the drug market,
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ing, watery nasal discharge, headaches for one year.
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credit information. Twenty percent of the accounts I.C. System receives for
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as I was not, at that time, familiar with the peculiari-
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rently Embolic Encephalitis: Old Pleurisy on the Right
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seem to thus aid recovery. Drugs altering the consistency
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especially women, who normally use the diaphragm less in respiration than
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Fig. 1. Influence of carbolic acid on phagocytosis. Human leucocytes;
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a ten-cent piece or a silver quarter, and yet the associated cerebral
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thought her deprived of her faculties, though she has beeii conscious at all
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for the restoration of the nose are not, as a rule,
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money. All the questions were prompted by a suspicion of a particular in-
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concerning this condition, first mentioned by Bowman in 1841,
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stands with her eyes shut, she sways slightly. Circulator}- and
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due to some associated catarrh of the larger bronchial vessels, it
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much good work in the investigation of this disease, has formed
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