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trimmed In an adjacent room, which is also lighted similarly. Windows fairly clean.
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be placed over the boards like a butt strap. These headboards shall have 1^-inch holes
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the Department is to be given a law under which it can supervise and control the con-
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,,.,.t„Mr. tl.-r.' is ivally s,„ .s,.„tial pli\si,-al .lin'.T.' l..'txv.'-n .'innl-
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child took the breast well but immediately regurgitated everything swal-
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difficulty is minor or if it should be referred to the
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Duemler, Thomas B Seneca Eskeles, Irwin H St. Louis Ford, William T Portsmouth, Va.
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failed to produce more than a local disease In guinea pigs. In two out of twelve
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ii.t.'sti.ial jiii.-e. ••an also the piiri.„>, I,„t not the".
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winter months, but from March to July, inclusive, the prices exceed
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place of inspection, the number of the establishment, and the name of
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tion for cure. Coincident removal of all or parts of
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performed on hirds. partieularly piproons. lieeause of tho ease with which
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efPusion in the chest. A frozen-section of this tissue was diagnosed " sar-
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ditis. His studies of the normal anatomy are mostly literary, as he
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the inoculation of rabbit No. 1123 verified the demonstration of great
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ill an animal in lliis enmlitinn eniiM lie att lilnited tn the pieseiiee nj' a?
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today. It is the solemn pledge of the profession to
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or not there is a slight degree of congestive failure,
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„t' tin- Stat.' of .■arlioliv.liate m.'tal.olism. s.Tions .•irors in .iml-rment arc
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observation was later confirmed by numerous observers. The very loud
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tioner in the State of Missouri is involved — daily or
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red blood cells 4.97, Hb. 14.6 gm. or 94 per cent, white
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highest class of horses will generally be found in the East, in New
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brownish, rather tough, easily soluble in warm dilute alkali, and has a
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On April 12, 1946, when the roentgen ray showed almost
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eases of the Skin,” by Schwartz, Tulipan and Peck.
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lems and I will briefly go over these ten or eleven prob-
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ties with purebred animals. Regarding these importations, it may
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he little dimht that it is often manajred to the detriment of liood health.
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cally since urates precipitate in the kidney paren-
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are in accord with the protective action of ovalbumin upon colloidal
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taminated objects, such as toys, food, clothing, etc. (Wickman, Kling,
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inspection and passed as fit for food come into such factories. The notice of inspection
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seen in whites than in Negroes.®’® At its onset the
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dinner meeting for interns and residents, at which a
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has been undertaken by the Zoological Division with the intention of
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to 0.165 pound of fat, while the maintenance value of 1,016 calories
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Was the disappearance of dextrose when the heart and pancreas
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