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been shown that the introduction of sugar into the circulation
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in the genus Cimicifuga; and this arrangement is adopted by the U.
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eight or ten weeks, while in chronic diabetes the course ranges from one or
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preclude an expectation of further menstruation ; yet
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temperature ; it is probably wise to instruct those in attend-
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pass from one side of the uterus to the other, making of that
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Ida Dudley Clapp, M. D., Dorchester ; Addie B. Dalrym-
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course with all the violence of the yellow remittent of hot countries."
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light on the question of disinfection. If all methods of disinfec-
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the conduct of the said John H. Watson, be adopted ; but that in consideration of the
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chloroform, opium, tobacco, or septicemia and auto-intoxication. Spinal
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sure to Harry A (Ned F at least, without apparent cause), and coinci-
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continue, or any other indications of leucorrhea, treat as for that
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The unnecessarily oppressive clause of the recent Streets
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kept to the semi-recumbent position which was enjoined. His bowels
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but glycosuria will appear if extract of the posterior lobe is administered
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Am. Ophth. Soc, Hartford, 1888-90. v, 565-568. — Minor
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loose body is, if possible, isolated, grasped and retained
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a:-rays usually afford a satisfatory answer to the first question. One
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time. It is as follows : Place some finely powdered
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might not know for some time what had become of me. Soon
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during the day in this manner was very considerable. The exhaustion pre-
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area extends obliquely down to the right to one inch below the xiphoid car-
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stools had been inspected. The treatment was continued until
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steadily continuing for twelve years can have been no acci-
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Professor Sharman Port Perry Left before information could be laid
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when the appetite returns, as much substantial food as can be digested
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reaction was alkaline ; it was neutralized by the proper
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cases there occur decided remissions between the attacks of suffocative
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Amongst the most important changes in the heart itself which lead to
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order with reference to Dr. Parkes being allowed to reserve
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establishment of medical schools without proper and ade-
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marked — what strange creatures and strange characters
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ideas concerning probable findings in any given case; and it has only
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culture of the lactic acid is useful in that bete noire of dentists, pyor-
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we commence to cut, — all these manifestations are visible.
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and so remove the difliculties connected with the presence of the ulcei- : he
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were congested even to blackness through their entire extent ; and so
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stant ; the mouth could not be opened sufficiently for the patient to take food