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every case the mass was reduced in size and in some
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1. Lichen Planus Sclerosus et Atrophiciis (Hallopeau).
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14-57: Queens, icS.oo: Richmond, 16.45. There were 117
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tomology ; morphinism, its diagnosis and treatment.
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which such locomotives, engines, trains, motors, or cars are
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volving inspection also of 1,433,134 persons (passengers
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cough, 15 cases, 2 deaths; scarlet fever, 47 cases, 2 deaths;
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relieved innocently and rapidly by a topical applica-
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in close contact with the part desired to treat which
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^of their families were taken ill, with symptoms of
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four elements indicated — earth, water, air, and fire
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beginning, middle, and end ; past, present, and fu-
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The following officers are relieved from duty in the Phil-
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points to be held are the secondary character of the
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coccic infections billions of streptococci were found
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ously a sputum containing tubercle bacilli? This is
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is usually described as an infiltrating tumor of the
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into view a moderate one of "liberal unionists"^ !),
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titioner. As it consists of only twenty pages, it can
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degree of dilatation of the organ existed. The lymphatic
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In 1872 he was called to Strassburg, and since 1876