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frequent scrubbings and antiseptic baths, to keep clean." Whether the last state-

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not too thick, may be readily destroyed by the acid nitrate. A

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London Agents:— Thomas Christy & Co., 4, 10 and 12 Old Swan Lane, Upper Thomes St. E. C.

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They have also been compared to permanganate of potash.

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what were the precautions taken by himself to avoid the causes, in-

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phthisical diarrhoea, do not arise from any dearth of drugs, but

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clotrimazole troche directions

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Its wonderfully nourishing, supporting, and healing

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the disparity still greater. In my former paper, I made the fol-

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but also of a more gradual and more deadly arrest of the

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infection to be destroyed. For instance, while brushing the

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rus had proved to be sedative in these experiments, then the con-

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In a girl of 20 years of age, for instance, extremely anemic patients in whom the

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It is believed to be identical with the hemoglobinuria in

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in making a program for the meeting. The principles set forth in the Declara-

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