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and makes recovery much harder, while the immediate and complete refusal
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other strict dietary regimen, many diabetics lose their sugar with surprising
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entire lesion is therefore to be classed as a disseminated myelitis. Neverthe-
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a hemorrhage which eventually became fatal. In other cases the hemorrhage
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not often so severe as in the upper. The toes may, however, exhibit motions
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Ley den in Germany, were enabled to confirm the suggestion of Wachsmuth
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to 1 fn»h^egg'*° f^^ 2 tablespoons of water is equal
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National Dental Hospital and College, Great Portland-street, W.
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weeks to 1 or 2 cm. Usualty the swelling is tolerably symmetrical, but
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much Irydrochloric acid that we can call it an actual hypersecretion (vide Vol.
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according to my experience, certainly not always present. There are. how-
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normal. The nutrition is markedly impaired in the early stages, the appetite
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example, the legs may tend to go forward while the trunk lags behind, or
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process, which can accomplish its work of destruction in the most diverse
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Glasgow Veterma/ry College Medical Aaeociation amd JAhTivrg,'^
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for such students there is no examination in Arts. Professional
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zoster often exhibit a certain epidemic, and sometimes even an endemic dis-
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The co/rect answer is *'d. 30 days/* Some of you may question this
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Noblemen, sons of Noblemen, Baronets, Doctors in the three Faculties,
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Special rules are prescribed as to Clinics and the Regulation of the
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■pracskiee of any London school of medicine. The examination takes
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they exist below the point of lesion. In general the
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rent, reversing it occasionally, for two or three minutes, partly stabile and
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Army may, on making application to one of the secretaries, be enrolled
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impaired, the tongue coated, the appetite variable, and the bowels consti-
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-of course a descending degeneration in the anterior
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Symptomatology. — The increased frequency of the pulse and the morbid
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From an historical rather than from a practical standpoint, we would
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ysis agitans than the tremor. Indeed, there would seem to be cases, as we have
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the prominence of its tendon (so-called tibialis phenomenon), .ensues. Some-
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tripetally — the so-called columns of Goll (the internal portion of the posterior
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seizure is only exceptionally dangerous of itself. The so-called " status epilep-
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Charles Edward Dunlap, A.B., M.D., Assistant and Resident in Pathology.
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the official examination comprehends ten proofs — ^three written in Surgery,
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tions, is unfavorable. The disease may last for many years.
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be impaired, it is an excellent thing to excite the action of swallowing by gal-
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student shall, without his authority, undertake any operation.
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(1) yhat is meant by a concentrated fluid dairy product?
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Olinical, and Operatiye (minor); and Prftctical Fhomiacy. Favaih
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coninittee, th6 3-A Sanitary Standards Committee, was establisned tc reoresent ' .e
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verse striation to the last, and only occasionally do we see signs of granular
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to be neglected. If there has been previous overexertion in playing, it must
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created for out-patients, adequate laboratory facilities incorporated, and the entire in-