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interference is never warranted in view of the results obtained by

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laryngeal mirror, and a good light, the foreign body may

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change. The microscopical appearance of the kidney is such as will be

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rash spreading over the back, chest, and abdomen. It is generally

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diate contact with the clothing contracted the disease. There is no immu-

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ture being not over 102° F. In other cases the disease is ushered in by

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bitters as tonics are often serviceable when the craving for alcohol is

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inhalation and the oxygen gas are the only means which afford any hope

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be rinsed and cleansed thoroughly and frequently with an antiseptic

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osteopathic methods have accomplished wonderful results. If these

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tis. The non-existence of ulcers in simple chronic laryngitis will also aid

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ward, because of the action of the calf muscles on the upper

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ing great pain. To manipulate the bone into position, put a finger of

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tents of the cavity are being discharged retraction of the chest and dis-

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pitation is a very common symptom of organic disease of the heart. A

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cachexia should come on in one from whom a carcinomatous breast had

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dons. Sometimes the fluid effusion is so small that it is difficult to

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Morbid Anatomy. — If any anatomical lesion exists, it consists in an acute

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Necrosis is a term applied to the death of a portion of the body. In the

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sac has occurred. In such case abscess may be excluded by the absence of

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one case under my observation it rose to 110° F. just preceding death, while

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and chordse tendinese, than true cardiac thrombosis. The dislodgment of

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prototype in the secretion of mucus by the goblet-cells of mucous mem-

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body without appearing on the face. It rarely appears before the fifth day

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Differential Diagnosis. — This cannot be confounded with any other dis-

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doses of rhubarb and magnesia, or mild salines ; restrict the diet to milk.

zyprexa im q6h prn agitation

The mind is clear throughout, and consciousness is retained till the last ;

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it depentls upon the existence of two physical signs, the "purring thrill "

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men in the urine there is fever and vague pains in the lumbar regions.

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