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to make their living at heavy manual labor they simply wear themselves out

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study. Acute myringitis differs much in ty gt e each

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Callum W. G. Diseases due to organic insufficiency Mar

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fact that this infarct formation arises first through the permeability of

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assistant surgeon in Professor Syme s absence and Dr Watson

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exposure to daylight renders it black but the colour

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it the fact remains that in most localities it is necessary to combine

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measure for these children is an out door life. They should

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dysentery especially is that which is due to atrophy of the

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The Mayo Clinic recommends that the cardiologist per

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i.e. fewer deaths are reported as due primarily to old

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to consist of epithehal cells of small size arranged in alveoli

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cepted would usually be misleading. Hence cases which re

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ounces of water. There are some springs with sulphate of iron in rather

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authorities that no case of the kind has occurred where cor

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There are so many other factors which have been brought out

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State Journal of Medicine and the News of New York

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and the use of all his faculties. He took great delight in

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instances was as a rule normal in amount. It would seem

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But patients with any form of incomplete asthma give as strong

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will retain the medicament when no other drug can be borne.

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Health should have through a competent sanitary inspection

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trouble local or general. Journal des sciences mddicales de Zille

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applications of the cautery were made subsequently and there

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moreover is supplied with arterial blood and is perhaps for this

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There is no doubt that our license from the master to alternate

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peoples explained the prevalence of gout in the southern and of

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may not undergo the purulent or fatty transformation. This by long

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Svffoctdion caused by a Leech in the Larynx. k soldier suddenly experi

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Temperature readings are of much value. They must be taken regularly

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down the back were noted in ten cases insomnia and restlessness in

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have been blind to evidence but I am not blinder than

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early in. It contains forty beds sixteen of which have been set

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Dr. B. Sachs Xew York City referred to other forms of

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The postural treatment of pulmonary oedema has been advocated.

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