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traumatic cases, including those induced by impacted gall-stones ; but,

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that a high fever belonging to the aseptic class may coincide with a septic

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" I have now, my dear doctor, given you all that is within

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signs. The symptoms, of course, vary with the position of the lesion in the cord,

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border of the bone are involved, the new growth passing through

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In the condition of rest the muscles have, with very slight tone,

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want you to see what can be do|ie for my sister." On inquiring

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ounces ; kidneys, normal, weigh twelve ounces ; lungs,

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We have carefully perused the reports before us, and find therein but little

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in the mediastinum, aneurysms of the aorta, and also, in some instances,

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always tell my patients what I mean to do, how I mean to do it,

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It precedes and accompanies the paralytic efiects. It is nuinifested with

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region. Feels sick after everything she takes, but has not

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obtained in a concentrated and more desirable form.

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The results of these latter inoculations in no case difiered

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sible that very similar causes may be in operation for the production

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tion’s experts in the field of occupational health

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menorrhagic form, her complexion was pallid, waxy, skin

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strictive sphincteric band, so that a space be left unsup-