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above another, from the feveral Joints, which confift
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middle , as long as the former, and of a deep yellow.
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molt of our Corn-fields , (chiefly in our Wheat-fields )
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herb, compofed wholly of woolly white hairs without
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familiar with the three stages of the inflamed lung.
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riles about five or fix Inches high, with a few large
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a faint or pale red color , firiped thro ’ every Leaj
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if it bears white Flowers, which in Form are alike ,
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contact. If the septum will not permit of enough being done
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Threads or Strings •, from whence rifes up fever at
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authentic of any vital statistics in the country. Consumption as
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ing gone, fmall blackilh Seed follows, made up in a
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forth fundry great , ftrong , hard , fquare , brown
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pofed to be the Epipattis of Di of cor ides •, but if ei-
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Maritimus -, herba lattaria, and Lattaria maritime.
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plaints. So that if a young practitioner should come before
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low , and fpread out into but one or two branches ,
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school age ; but under certain circumstances it may assume a rather
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minipress medication ptsd nt ly in Chicken Broth. Of this five or fix
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Leaves of this are not fo large as fome of the kinds
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narrow- leav’d. 3 . Iris anguflifolia purpurea marina ,
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Fields fides ^ and are frequent in many Counties of
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Origanum , Rue , Scordium , Virginia Snake Root ’
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I.'T"' H E Names. It is called in Greek , AwpOo#-. ;
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their chief ufe, by the Venetians , our Selves, and
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mary attack, to warn him of the danger of a subsequent attack,
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and each of them fomembat like the left , Rooting in
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hard, black Seed. 1 his Plant jor the beauty of its
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comes a part of my talk this evening that I want to spend the most
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Liquid Juice , or of the Infpijfate Juice , being dif-
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It would have been interesting to have had the tonsils removed
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Stalk, bare or naked next to the ground, for an Inch
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Flowers are all Single, with one row of Leaves, and
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as alfo of the Stalks and Leaves of the green Herbs.
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worts, replenished with many Small, white Tubers or
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Daffodil, before dej bribed, in the Large nefs of its
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