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When a nerve injury is missed or inefficiently treated at the
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It is safe to say that many more observations are required before any
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siderable enlargement of the anterior end where it joins its cartilage, the
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struggling; the infant becomes of a dusky colour, then the labouring
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stretching or contracting the affected muscles, by moving the joints
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were usually those in which this delirium of the auricles existed,
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Events of this ty])e cut deeply and with acid vigor into the
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the infide of the belly, but with caution, left the
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bulging, the bones of the skull thin ; in the latter, the head is square and
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difeafes : therefore we fliall only mention hei;e, as a
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in his experience. He has omitted any discussion of the disease ex-
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treated by such stimulants, is usually caused by some toxin or poison
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breeding mares, atleaft thirteen hands high, iliould
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The oculomotor nerves are apt to suffer. The third is more commonly
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from the anus, (c) The development of a form of infiltration with the pro-
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For this reason it is most desirable that an X-ray examination should
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Treatment. — External anthrax should be at once treated surgically
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the sturdy cloths in finest British weaves — and the
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The consumptive of forty years of age or over- (who will here-
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The urine which they void is often as clear as water;
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impressed upon it by the course of the colon and by the attachments of
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cause of this syndrome is the lack of ovarian internal secretion,
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When a horfe has a large and fquarc head., in whicli
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modium — then a minute, colourless, transparent sphere (Fig. 38, /) — is
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that periodic examinations are one of the most important aspects of
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great European epidemics — 1848-51, 1851-55, 1865-74, 1884-86, and
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the short courses dealing with the use of insulin to be given by
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and severity tend on the whole to increase as the equator is approached.
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turnips, given with their hay, have been found to be