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for his health, where he intends to establish an invalid's retreat.

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enlargement of the liver and spleen, intestinal congestion, and tympanitis.

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evident from the unsatisfactory results of all attempts to sift them

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is of a gouty habit, has had an attack of gout in the stomach, and is

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try and th3 woi'ld ; and " may you all live long and prosper."

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hurried. Ordered to repeat the draught, and to have an emollient

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those cases of yellow fever which present an apparently healthy state

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" It is obvious from what has been already observed, that we should

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right y but trailing in fane meafure upon the Ground:

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]6th three times, and on the 17th twice before 10 o'clock, in order to

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(and that of the liver among the rest) are to be improved by change of

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cold to the head as a means of moderating or removing symptoms of

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and I have usually found; by a more extended comparison, that the

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eye troubles, specific affections of the-cornea and

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lady and the other a fine healthy girl, I think it put an end to the dis-

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tions to — Gouty Bronchitis — Gouty inflammation of the Peripheral nerves may

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A careful incision into the integuments liberated a quantity of

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carts, pressed by the sudden calls of the disease, were unable to rise

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furnishes all the proof that can be needed of the existence, even in the

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the two patients at present (5th July,) in the hospital ; in the man

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the action of the above-named drugs. The cases should be concisely

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here, as well as at other camps, much excellent work has demonstrated the same

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as soon as the application is made. His experience with carbolic

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the kidney acted functionally in the same fashion, much as in

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ly, to heal Wounds and Ulcers, from j. dram to half

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tions in such a manner as to lead him to suspect the seat and nature

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branches. This is another material objection to Dr. HalFs explanation