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Conclusions. 1. A reconsideration of S cases of postinfluenzal

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fact that in the latter conditions the upper limit of liver

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quire more attention from the medical profession than they have hitherto

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pelle's table is probably nearest to the actual death ratio.

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of beef tea as there is so little in it that is 5th. That we treat the patient and the

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and comparatively safe procedure, thus leading to a more favor-

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second to the tenth year, after which it diminishes. In a period of eigjit

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experience this estimate is far too small, for in the last

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biting away a small segment at one of the lower angles of the

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(two pints three times daily) are inoffensive ; these

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that some of the pedicellated pelvic viscera are liable, from the various move-

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each member present here, when he returns home, shall take up with

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which is fixed as much as possible to bone. It is usually made of gold, and

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of the muscles of the trunk and of the neck. The masseteric

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mortality statistics in regard to certain diseases and their

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the reasons why so few fibroids are seen and examined in

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Dilute or Aromatic Sulphuric Acid in a wine glass half full of

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tion until pigmentation commences within the red blood corpuscles.

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guished from diarrhea signifies an inflammation of the bowel.

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Tuberculosis Associations as Health Educators. By Michael M. Davis, Jr., Ph.D., Boston.

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right eye; the numbness of right face much less, so that he says he " can

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on which medicines had no beneficial effect. It continued, with occa

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one, for she had a lover whom she desired to marry.

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