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himself the anathemas of the church, the general state of
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Imptifs and as Epitheliomes des glandes sudoripares ; by Quinquaud as
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30 minutes. The addition of a small amount of sodium carbonate
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in so far as we are ignorant of their organic basis ; so that, properly
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against good feeling and his neglect of elegant letters, be-
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until the dread falls upon him as a wide space opens before his eyes ;
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failure of the clot to retract, is usually associated with a decrease
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0'8 \t, to 1 jx broad ; solitary, in pairs, irregular groups, or bundles.
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Mediaeval students learnt Greek philosophy through Latin
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possession by devils ? When a patient was struggling in an
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Vapours," functional nervous disorders, as the reader well knows, were
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surfaces, but this symptom of eczema is there replaced by reflex
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are plainly identical with the recurrent fibroid tumours of the older
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of Dermatology, July 1893. — 14. Idem. Lancet, March 12, 1892. — 15. Fox, Colcott.
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an undue freedom of individual action. He is allowing his own sphere of
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continuous series of cases, from unquestionably sane vice at one end to
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of the column of water between the marks is 0.375 gm,
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and the muscle affected was the left sterno-cleido-mastoid. He stated
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vided there be no cracks in the epidermis, the method, adopted in the
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Spronk, in 1891 and 1892. The combination of toxins, and much of the
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marechal, who flinched under his awkwardness. "I am not
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diagnosable lesions of psoriasis shows that the vessels of the superficial
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on the other hand, speaks of arsenic as an almost unfailing remedy.
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establish standards for the colorimetric determination of pH, to
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cians were called in when it was too late." The reader may
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Etiology. — "Women are certainly more frequently attacked than men.
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suffocates it. The act is not wrong. " She " did not do it. It was done
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frequently to be seen on the palms of the hands in workmen ; and the
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c. If the Wintrobe hematocrit is not available, a 15 ml gradu-
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without his tinsel. Shall we call him, in Southey's measured
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them. This has been proved in the halls of legislation often,
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rather to his own surprise. By their marvellous organisation of business,
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If we act on the principle that insanity is the result of a cortical
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covered by continuous epidermis. The substance is yellowish, trans-
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temples, where there is sometimes a perceptible bulging above the usual
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persons who have been intemperate, and of those who have had apoplectic
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drugged by narcotics, or whether some form of mechanical restraint should
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The effect lasts longer when the air is dry, as on a cold winter day,