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latter cultivated natural philosophy. Plato treated principally of

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toms depend upon slight circulatory disturbances in the region of the

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mud itself. Steam baths, hot air baths (phenix a I'air chaud), which

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ployed Liebreich's much-vaunted drug in puerperal convulsions —

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was unchanged and the material within the cell still took a blue

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set by the essential nature of the process, so far at least as nitrifi-

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No method which necessitates the inactivating of the tested

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the acute symptoms have subsided, solid food, without condiments, may

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agency in such persons ; of infanticides committed by women who

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lous children), Misdroy (on the island of Wollin), Travemiinde, Wame-

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the epiphysal junction. The vessels having been secured, the

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Scarcely one of these propositions will endure rigid examination.

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tenuis.^ The spirochaetes measure from 9. cm to 16. 2 /x in length by less than 0.4 m

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that of the suppuration met with in the sac at the operation. To

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If the patient is taking baths at the same time, the exercises should

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Fresh Fvsh: All kinds of fresh fish, boiled or broiled, served with

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the salivary glands. Following Leube, the author has tried the stimula-

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I took a cast of the whole cut surface in each stump. In order to

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membrane was found coating the conjunctivge of both lids, and the

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in more difficult eases, by an elastic bandage encircling and sustaining

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for blood trypanosomes. By the last clause, I do not mean to

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one or two wineglasses of light white or red wine towards the end of the

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Ophthalmic reaction. — The technic used in these experiments

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on the subject. The blood, the urine, and the perspiration have

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movement is resisted by one hand of the operator over the junction of

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were rectified, the outbreak ceased. In regard to the Craigentinny

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gained ; and had its author been spared to work out his theory, we

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orrhoeal rheumatism, arrest of the discharge is often the readiest cure

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translating — they describe the scene most effectively —

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peritoneal cavity. However, on inserting the canula, and removing

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in our previous communication we believe that not only can the

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of the strife, as it has been found that in fibres whose transverse

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prevalent. She was the second patient attacked, coming under

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former disease a compensatory hypertrophy takes place and the periph-

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(Styria), Neuhaus (not far from Cilli in Styria), which also has an